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Watch recordings of the 2023 Annual Greener Life Conference

Learn about Greener Life Certification

The Greener Life Certification aims to promote four essential values and encourages participants to share their ideas and questions.

  • The first quadrant of the Greener Life Diamond focuses on bio-health and the importance of using skin-safe products.
  • The second quadrant highlights the significance of reducing carbon footprint through sustainable practices, such as using renewable energy sources and minimizing waste.
  • The third quadrant emphasizes the importance of fair trade and transparency in supporting producers and workers, particularly in developing countries.
  • The final quadrant focuses on animal-friendly practices, promoting respect and coexistence with other sentient beings. The speaker mentions examples like orangutan habitat destruction and the need to consider cruelty-free ingredients.

Fair Trade and Shea Butter Production

Alfred The Production Operations Manager in Ghana discusses the importance of fair trade and womens rights in Ghana.

  • Fair trade aims to reduce poverty and provide sustainable income and support to producers and their communities.
  • Alfred emphasizes the role of women in shea butter production and the need to empower them economically and socially.
  • Fair trade benefits include the construction of boreholes and schools, environmental sustainability, empowerment of women, and promotion of decent working conditions.
  • Alfred highlights the connection between fair trade and women’s rights, including educational empowerment and access to resources.

R.E.D. Press Techniques from Iceland

Erla Gisladottir demonstrates how she uses the R.E.D. Press all the way from Iceland.