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HSCG 22nd Annual Conference 4/22/20 to 4/26/20 – Essential Depot Booth
Itinerary (use video controls to skip through)

Virtual tour of Essential Depot
Essential Depot history and future
Balm Trays – Balm Tubes – Balm Kits
Amazing New Product “The R.E.D. Press” – PATENT PENDING – Panel Open
5kg Shea Butter – Packaged in Africa (Panel Live)
Shea Melt and Pour (Panel Live)
Educational Initiative – ED and HSCG – (Panel Live)
CP Soap Making Kit & Shea Melt and Pour Soap Making Kit. (Panel Live)
Sanitizer Ingredients -(Panel Live)
Anything Goes “Bar Open” – Q & A’s and Panel Discussion

Expert Panel Participants:

Leigh O’Donnell
Dr. Kevin Dunn
Dr. Marc Hight
Attorney David Purdue
Dr. Jeffrey Mueller
Derek Hodges (Live from Wine Soap Bar, Sebring, FL)
Kim Hodges (Live from Wine Soap Bar, Sebring, FL)
Dave Crandall (Live from Wine Soap Bar, Sebring, FL)
Nancy Crandall (Live from Wine Soap Bar, Sebring, FL)
Tamara T (Social Media Manager)
Ken O (Media Manager)

The seven new products introduced are as follows:

2oz Spray Sanitizer and Sanitizer Ingredients

“The Red Press” Bath Bomb, Melt and Pour Multipurpose Materials Press

Lip Balm Trays + Balm Tubes + Seal Rings

Amazing New Shea Melt and Pour

Starter CP Soap Making Kit for STEM Program at schools or for yourself

Shea Melt and Pour Beginner Soap Making Kit for STEM Program at schools or for yourself

Organic Shea Butter Cube – Grade A – Unrefined – 5 kg

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Click on any of the diamonds on the map below to download the Essential Depot HSCG show ad (It will take a minute to load). You will see Essential Depot’s team was looking forward to hosting a night on the town for you! Open the PDF and then click on the 7 New Product Diamonds to see RED Products on 4/22/2020. Please share the PDF with your friends.