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Watch Recordings from the 2023 Annual Greener Life Conference Below

Essential Depot requests your input for the location and name of its new Flagship CONFERENCE in FLORIDA during OCTOBER 2024!

Conference Recordings

Greener Life Certification

Presenters: Dr. Marc Hight & Dr. Kevin Dunn

Video Info:

Duration: [1:45:29]

Learn about the four quadrants that make up the Greener Life Certification. The Greener Life Certification aims to promote four essential values and encourages participants to share their ideas and questions.

The Key to Quality Control: Batch Control in Action

Presenter: Kim Hodges

Video Info:

Duration: [38:17]

In this insightful video, Kim Hodges, from Essential Depot, shares her journey and valuable lessons learned through implementing batch control. Join Kim as she recount real-life incidents where batch control played a crucial role in maintaining product quality, preventing potential issues, and saving costs. From identifying cracks in packaging to addressing equipment malfunctions, Kim highlights the significance of meticulous tracking and starting with the use of spreadsheets for effective batch control.

Discover how batch control can enhance your business operations and ensure compliance with regulatory standards. Don’t miss out on this informative discussion that sheds light on the importance of batch control in our industry.

Fair Trade and Shea Butter

Presenter: Alfred A. Akolgo

Video Info:

Duration: [43:19]

Learn about Fair Trade–what it means and entails, its benefits, and how its best achieved around the world. Alfred A. Akolgo, Production Operations Manager of Ghana, teaches on fair trade and the importance of it as well as women’s rights as an essential component to shea butter production.

R.E.D. Press Techniques from Iceland

Presenter: Erla Gisladottir

Video Info:

Duration: [35:22]

Learn about the R.E.D. Press techniques for ingredient production. Erla Gisladottir demonstrates how she uses the R.E.D. Press all the way from Iceland.

R.E.D. Press Techniques and Quick Mix Demonstration

Presenters: Catherine McGinnis & Cody Coleman

Video Info:

Duration: [20:26]

Watch how simple and easy it is to quickly make bath bombs with the R.E.D. Press with the no fail bath bomb Quick Mix all available from Essential Depot.

Bath Bomb Competition

Presenters: Brandy McClurg, Catherine McGinnis & Cody Coleman

Video Info:

Duration: [13:16]

What happens when you put makers head to head in a bath bomb competition? Manual press, mechanical press versus the R.E.D. press. Watch now to see what happens. 

Lavender: from Germination to Oil

Presenter: Ellen Reynolds

Video Info:

Duration: [37:28]

Lavender, known for its soothing fragrance, culinary applications and therapeutic properties, has a fascinating life cycle that begins with germination and culminates in the extraction of its precious oil.

Join us as Ellen Reynolds unravels the secrets behind lavender’s cultivation, providing invaluable insights into the germination process and optimal growing conditions. Learn the various species of lavender and their unique characteristics, as well as the ideal time for harvesting the blossoms.

What's in Your Bottle?

Presenter: Dr. Kevin Dunn

Video Info:

Duration: [1:13:22]

Have you ever wondered what’s really inside that bottle of essential oil? Join us at the Greener Life Conference as we delve into a thought-provoking session that uncovers the truth behind essential oil testing. In this illuminating talk, Dr. Kevin Dunn, a recognized expert in the field, will reveal the rigorous process of analyzing essential oils to determine their authenticity, purity, and quality.

Beyond the technical aspects, this session addresses the challenges faced in the industry, such as misleading labeling and adulteration. Our speaker will shed light on the measures taken to establish transparency and traceability within the essential oil supply chain.

Exploring the Power of Hemp-Derived CBD

Presenter: Nicolas Maltagliati

Video Info:

Duration: [54:48]

In this informative talk, you’ll gain insights into the various applications of hemp-derived CBD. From its potential in managing stress and anxiety to supporting sleep and relaxation, CBD has garnered attention for its wide-ranging benefits. Discover how it can be incorporated into wellness routines and explore its potential role in addressing common ailments.

Furthermore, Nicolas addresses misconceptions surrounding CBD, concerns regarding legality, safety, and potential side effects. Gain a deeper understanding of the importance of quality control and third-party testing to ensure the purity and potency of CBD products.

Copyrights and Trademarks for Makers

Presenter: Dave Purdue

Video Info:

Duration: [48:45]

Attorney Dave Purdue shares insights on the importance of copyrights and trademarks for makers. 

How to Make CBD Balms

Presenter: Brandy McClurg

Video Info:

Duration: [15:14]

In this session, Brandy shares a recipe and  demonstrates how to make CBD balms using the Essential Depot lip balm tray.  

Ideas for Reducing Carbon Footprint

Presenter: Kim Hodges

Video Info:

Duration: [45:14]

In this session, Kim shares a compilation of practical ideas for reducing your carbon footprint and making sustainable choices. From implementing paperless practices to optimizing your supply chain, recycling effectively, and reducing energy consumption, Kim covers a wide range of actionable tips that are not only affordable but also cost-effective.

Kimberly emphasizes the importance of verifying and providing proof of implementing these ideas, ensuring that your efforts towards sustainability are recognized. She also highlights the significance of choosing environmentally friendly products from suppliers, even if they come at a slightly higher cost. 

Whether you’re an individual looking to make a difference or a business aiming for Greener Life certification, this video offers valuable insights and guidance on reducing your carbon footprint and contributing to a more sustainable future.

Purpose Driven Branding

Presenter: Dr. Marc Hight

Video Info:

Duration: [01:16:00]

In this session, Dr. Marc Hight provides insights on purpose driven branding and why it is crucial for business. 

How to Make Lotion Bars

Presenter: Kathy Lynn

Video Info:

Duration: [16:14]

In this session, Kathy demonstrates how to make luxurious lotion bars along with an easy to follow recipe.

How to Make Epsom Salt Bars

Presenter: Catherine McGinnis

Video Info:

Duration: [45:14]

In this session, Catherine McGinnis of Soaping101 walks us through how to make epsom salt bars with simple ingredients. 

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